Eagle Speaks

Eagle speaks is a data driven program that was developed to help students connect to adults within the school. A survey was given to students asking if they have an adult they trust to talk to with a personal problem. The students that answered “no” on the survey were put into the Eagle Speaks program.

The students in this program were assigned a staff member in the school to check in with on a daily basis for 8 weeks. Every morning during the announcements, the students went to their adult buddy and they talked for a few minutes to build a connection.

The second part to this program was the raffle. The students were given a raffle ticket each time they checked in with their adult. The students dropped off their raffle tickets in guidance (prizes were awarded each week.)

This program was a huge success! The students were surveyed at the end of the program to see if they had an adult they could trust to talk to with a personal problem, if students still did not have someone to talk to, they were put in individual counseling with the school counselor.

I can’t wait to expand this program in a school that I work in.