A Bug and a Wish

I am going to use this lesson plan with my first grade students to help them start to use “I” statements. I got the original bug and a wish idea from my practicum supervisor, but I made all of the scenarios and cards myself.

We are going to have a volunteer pick a scenario card and talk about how they could respond using the bug and a wish. For example, one of the scenarios is “one of your friends is calling you a mean name at recess.” The student may then respond by saying “It bugs me when you call me mean names, I wish you would stop.” I made enough scenarios for each student to have a turn and I made cards for each of the students to coach them through the response. I am giving each student a bug and a wish card to take home to share with the adults in their lives. Email me if you would like the word documents.

Karen also posted that there is a book you can use to help students learn this concept:





1. A student who sits next to you keeps looking at your paper and it is bothering you.

2. One of your friends is calling you a mean name at recess.

3. Someone is making fun of the shirt that you are wearing.

4. A friend who sits behind you in school is kicking your chair.

5. At recess a girl keeps taking the ball you are playing with.

6. A girl in your class keeps taking your pencil

7. Your brother is being mean when you are trying to watch a t.v. show.

8. When you are walking home a boy keeps throwing snowballs at you.

9. You hear a girl saying mean things about your sister.

10. At lunch a boy takes your cookie from your tray.

11. In art, a girl says your picture looks ugly.

12. A boy is making fun of your friend on the bus.

13. At home, your sister keeps knocking over the tower you are building.

14. In gym class a boy keeps pushes you when you are playing a game.

15. A girl is spreading rumors about you.

16. A boy is tattling on you during class.

17. A girl is calling you names at lunch.

18.Your friend is telling your secret to other people.

19. At home, your sister is bothering you when you are doing homework.