Collecting Longitudinal Data in School Counseling

In March I went to the Evidence Based School Counseling Conference in Kentucky. I was lucky enough to go to a sectional that talked about keeping longitudinal student data in binders. I really like this way to collect data and I imagine that I will use these binders when I am a school counselor. Each grade level has it’s own binder. It’s up to you what information you put in the binder, but, the presenters say they put this in each of the binders:

  • Calender (Yearly & Monthly)
  • Grade Meeting Minutes
  • Tier 1-Classroom Lesson Plans
  • Tier 2-Small Group Lesson Plans
  • Tier 3-Individual Counseling Materials
  • Student Information Sheet
    • One sheet per student, includes information about student (name, who student lives with, special education, groups they’ve been in, interventions that have been used with them, and additional comments.

If you were to use these grade level binders in your counseling program you could adjust the sections for whatever you thought were helpful. Personally, I like that each grade has a binder where I could put small groups and classroom lesson plans that I use with that grade. In addition, I think it would be helpful to have a sheet for each student where I could keep track of interventions used (successful or not) with certain students.This way I would be able to pass the information along to the middle school so they know what has worked in the past to help certain students. I wouldn’t keep individual counseling notes or any confidential information on the sheets that I pass onto the middle school.

I know that there has been a push to storing information electronically and I’m sure there would be a way to keep this information online if you wanted. Personally though I appreciate having physical copies of my groups and classroom lessons plans as well as the student information sheets that I will pass on to the middle school.



  1. Erica, you might also consider using Google Docs for something like this. You pretty much just need a Gmail account and to download the Drive app. After that, you can set up folders to your heart’s content. I use this to track all sorts of student data from client contacts and case notes to lesson plans.

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