ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for student

ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success*

*From ASCA

  • The 35 mindsets and behaviors describe knowledge, skills and attitudes for students to achieve success in college and career readiness.
  • They are aligned with specific standards from Common Core
  • Can be used to access student growth and help counselors plan activities
  • ASCA Mindsets

Mindset Standards:

  • Psychosocial attitudes or beliefs students have about themselves that relate to academic work.
  • Examples of Mindsets:
    • Self-confidence in ability to succeed
    • Sense of belonging in the school environment
    • Positive attitude toward work and learning

Behavior Standards:

  • Visible behaviors are associated with being a successful student. These show that the student is engaged and ready to learn.
    • Learning Strategies: Process that the student uses to think cognitively and aid in learning.
      • Examples of Learning Strategies:
        • Demonstrate creativity
        • Apply media and technology skills
        • Set high standards of quality
      • Self-Management Skills: Students will stay focused on a goal even when there are obstacles (grit or persistence). Students will also avoid distractions or temptations or higher pursuits (delayed gratification, self-discipline).
        • Examples of Self-Management Skills:
          • Demonstrate personal safety skills
          • Demonstrate ability to assume responsibility
          • Demonstrate self-discipline and self-control
        • Social Skills: Improve social interactions-peer to peer and student to adult.
          • Examples of Social Skills:
            • Demonstrate empathy
            • Use effective oral and written communication skills and listening skills
            • Use leadership and teamwork skills to work effectively in diverse teams

ASCA mindsets are completely new this year and align with the student standards. I am trying out putting the new mindsets on my lesson plans with the student standards and benchmarks.

ASCA mindsets may take a little getting used to but I am sure with some practice it will become easier with time. The mindsets were created based on data and have been shown to prove college and career readiness.


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