EZ Analyze

EZ Analyze is a free tool that school counselors can use to keep track of and disaggregate time spent by school counselors. EZ Analyze allows school counselors to generate reports on the time spent with students individually, in groups or summarizing a school counselor’s time in general. The time tracker uses a complex excel document to help school counselors keep track of their time. The time tracker is downloadable for free from: http://www.ezanalyze.com/tracktime/. The time tracker allows you to put in students names and notes to allow the school counselor to keep track of time spent with him or her.

The time tracker is aligned with ASCA standards which allow the school counselor to see where his or her time is being spent. The time can be broken up into direct student services (individual student planning, responsive services, and school guidance curriculum) or indirect student services (parent contacts, meetings, collaboration, “fair-share responsibilities”, and curriculum development). By categorizing time spent in different areas, EZ Analyze can generate graphs that break down the amount of time spent in direct and indirect student services. Here is a picture of the front page of EZ Analyze:


You can see that you are able to track time with students (both individual and group sessions). You are also able to track how you spend your time during the day. It is also possible to formulate a variety of reports and graphs that quickly allow a school counselor to see how his or her time is being spent.


This is what you see when you put in an individual or group in order to track the time spent. The reasons are aligned with ASCA (Individual student planning, responsive services and school guidance curriculum).

EZ Analyze is completely free tool that can help school counselors in a variety of ways. It is very user friendly and can be saved on a flash drive in order to keep students’ information private.


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